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Wire rope press machine four advantages

Wire rope press machine four advantages

With the progress of science, the development of the society, the construction industry fast development, therefore also promoted the rise and development of wire rope press machine industry. Wire rope press machine, which is currently the world advanced wire rope pressing sleeve forming equipment, it got a lot of industry of the pro gaze with its unique advantages, the rapid development in recent years, the expanding use of, today, for the four absolute advantage you summarize the wire rope press machine.

A: the operation is simple, movement accuracy, high safety performance

Wire rope press machine uses hydraulic pressure as drive mechanism, only when both hands to send operation instruction machine, hydraulic machine can drive the sliding rod to move, and when the sliding rod reaches the top position, drives the automatic recovery of the initial state sensor, ensure the safety of the operator.

Two: drive fast, convenient gear control

Wire rope press machine with fast feeding, rapid return to function, so that the hydraulic machine foundation to the working parts and other parts, after casting, and can quickly return. Therefore, it can greatly improve the working efficiency and improve the rate of finished parts.

Three: compact structure, low noise, environmental health

A new generation of wire rope press machine the whole product compact hydraulic mechanism, ensure the working parts of the circulation speed, low noise, high efficiency, various components, templates can be fast running.

Four: labor, labor saving, and has good economic benefit and social benefit.

Wire rope press machine can achieve full mechanization operation. This provides the possibility for mass production, can let the owners better arrangement process and working time, meet the needs of the production of industrial and mining enterprises and private units.

At present, the use of wire rope press machine has been more and more popular, more and more people began to gradually understand and want to understand the wire rope press machine. Hong Yin believes, the prospects for the future development of wire rope press machine is very considerable, will also continue to explore, research and innovation, and strive for the vast number of users for enterprises to produce better quality, better performance of the wire rope press machine production

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