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How to correctly use the wire rope press machine

How to correctly use the wire rope press machine

Wire rope press machine as a kind of steel wire rope rigging processing equipment, has been widely used in iron and steel, ports, transportation, construction and other industries. With the wide application of pressure machines, is very important to the proper use of wire rope press machine appears, only the operator the correct use of equipment, in order to maintain good performance of equipment, give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, prolong the service life of equipment. Below, Hong Yin to introduce the correct way to use the wire rope press machine:

1, the hydraulic tank pressure machines join filter hydraulic oil to the oil mark position above.

2, installed the pressure wire rope supporting mold, the mold should be firmly installed, the fasteners should be tightened to prevent loosening.

3, close the wire rope press machine power switch, start the main motor hydraulic pump station, then the power indicator light.

4, according to the adjustment of three below four way solenoid valve overflow pressure regulating valve indicator pressure gauge, pressure adjustment to required value. (Note: the maximum value of not more than 31.5MPa)

 5,The angle of the swash plate according to the pressure sleeve speed can be adjusted in axial piston pump, the larger the angle the greater the flow, the faster the speed; the angle of the swash plate small quantity is small, the speed is slow.

6, the rope and set in the mold press buckling button (the indicator lights), increase in cylinder, the upper and lower mold is closed, the pressure to the position, then press the release button (the indicator lights), cylinder drops, separate upper and lower die, remove the wire rope sleeve press OK, wire rope press machine into the line a wheel.

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